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A chance to vent perhaps…. January 8, 2008

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I am occasionally amazed at the naivety of my middle school students. For example, we watched “Remember the Titans” recently and by the kids responses you would have thought we were watching a movie about the 1800’s. They had no concept of ignorance, discrimination, prejudice, etc. I asked myself whether this was good or bad. Today we watched “Hairspray” and although we had a few naive comments they seemed to understand the concepts a bit more and the idea that segregation was a problem and integration was a real struggle that occured not all that long ago.

It is always so interesting to me to see the world through the eyes of our youth. Is it a positive thing that they don’t remember or understand the depths of ignorance because they can’t understand that type of hatred or is it a negative because it means they aren’t aware of who we were, where we struggled and what we must continue to overcome? I appreciate their innocence but I have a big problem with the general lack of knowledge they have about history. Doesn’t middle school history cover slavery, black history, Martin Luther King Jr. at a very minimum? Shouldn’t it be at the very least looking at the presidential race we are currently engaged in and asking why is so monumental? I want them to question and understand the power behind this election and ask themselves why this is the first time that there may be a black president or a female president?

Just food for thought I guess.


An introduction to 2008 January 3, 2008

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Happy 2008!

I have always wanted to be a writer but I recently started actually putting my dream into words — both spoken and written. Two things have helped fuel my desire to actually make it happen. Last November, Aric Bostick, a very good motivational speaker, came to my town to be part of our Community Conversation series. He talked about how we have to put things out there into the universe to make things happen. He asked all of us what we wanted to be and when I said writer he answered that he hoped that in order to accomplish that I should be writing each day. So, I am following his advice — I am putting my dream out there and taking the necessary action steps to make it possible. The second motivational event occurred last December. My friend Elizabeth, who is a life coach, came to speak to the girls group I run. She talked at length about getting to know our “authentic selves” and figuring out who we are. We did a few activities to learn more about what we valued in ourselves and what we wanted to become. When I said that I wanted to be a writer she was incredibly supportive – as were my girls – and I realized that I had incredible support from places that I hadn’t even thought to look.

Based on both of these opportunities, I have realized that now is my time. It is my chance to really try to make it work so here I go — a blog — I’ll write about the things that happen, the things I observe, the goals and dreams that I have. Hopefully the act of writing alone will help me to get motivated and fuel my passion.

Wish me luck!